Sunday, April 17, 2005

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management starts by collecting experiences, observations, thoughts, meeting notes, conversations, experimental results and anything else that comes along and recording it. It's easier if you have a system that's always near at hand. That often means it needs to be small. I've posted this note using an HP iPaq hx4700, connected to a bluetooth folding keyboard, through to the Internet via a bluetooth mobile phone. PocketBlogger v1.1 nicely posts this note up to the blog.

The result is that the note is given a URL, and indexed by the Internet's search engines, ready for the information to be collated into more structured data or communicated to the places and times when it might be useful. That's Knowledge Management.

Note that I'm using the HP Bluetooth keyboard. I tried at first the Stowaway bluetooth keyboard, which allegedly carries the Bluetooth v1.2 standard. However, I was unable to connect to the keyboard and the mobile phone at the same time. I switched the keyboard for the slightly larger HP version, with v1.1 bluetooth, and found I was able to use both the keyboard and the bluetooth phone link at the same time. That's a piece of information right there that could have saved me several hours of time and 50% of the purchase cost of the devices.

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